About Two Georgia Girls

The Two Georgia Girls are two young girls named Jadyn and Izzy. They met in elementary school and their friendship continued and like most kids, their passions are candy and slime. The problem was that these two markets online are highly competitive and crowded. They knew they had to do something differently.

The Slime Breakthrough
Jadyn came up with the idea to create a slime that infused additional components to make it more than just another slime. and create therapeutic slime that would help people with a variety of ailments including joint stiffness, arthritis, sleeplessness, overactive brain, restlessness, and minor aches.

By infusing high end products with medicinal qualities into their slime, it creates a perfect combination of physical therapy and fun. Jadyn and Izzy began incorporating products such as hemp seed oil, Argan oil, emu oil, and others. Then they blend in intoxicating scents like lavender, lemongrass, Patchouli, baby powder, and more.

The end result is an therapeutic slime that is not only addictive to play with, but good for you and your health. It also helps to bring you peace, but brings you back to center.

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