Lemon Lift Therapeutic Slime

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Lemon Lift therapeutic slime infused with the scent of lemongrass, hemp seed oil, and Argan oil.

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Lemongrass Therapy SlimeLemon Lift is the perfect slime for your tired senses. Feeling sluggish and tired? Are you low on energy? This soft pastel yellow slime gives your senses a boost and especially your sense of smell as you get delightfully burst with a wave of lemongrass.

The slime also helps your joints and muscles by infusing hemp seed oil and Argan oil to help calm arthritis and reduce inflammation of joints.

Wake up to Lemon Lift to brighten your senses and lift you to new heights.

*Each therapy slime comes in an 8-ounce jar to protect your slime from drying out and also include a small teaspoon of Borax and directions to create a solution if your slime ever gets too sticky.


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